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Installation of TVs in a Downtown Condo

Today I worked on a TV installation job for a great couple in downtown Sarasota. These were older TVs but still had good pictures, so no reason to cast them aside for new models.

The only issue was that the VESA holes on the backs of 2 TVs required special mounting brackets that were still hanging on the wall in the home they were selling.

So once we realized this, we raced over to the old home and removed the old mounting brackets so that we could use them on this job- saving the client money is my priority.

I worked hard to get these TVs installed and then added cosmetic raceway channels to hide the cabling since we couldn't move power etc...

The final look was a huge upgrade and the place looks fantastic. So even older televisions have a place in this world even if they are getting up there in age.

I also installed a hearing device to the living room TV that allows the client to hear the TV without blasting the volume.

Look forward to working with these clients again!

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