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Its been our passion to learn and upgrade homes with the latest and greatest technology on the market to enhance our lifestyles.

Updating your home with all of the latest technology that the market offers can be overwhelming and time consuming to learn.

We will alleviate that part of the equation and come up with solutions that will upgrade your home and your lifestyle and connect you with your home no matter where you are.

Better security and monitoring of your biggest investment deserves the latest and greatest improvements.

Work with the professional that knows how to improve your home and without any worries or frustration.

Call for a free consultation and quote today.

Nest Thermostat

Upgrades your HVAC to a smart system that you can control from your phone or other connected devices. Schedule system functions and save money on utility bills.  The most cost efficient savings you can put in your home!

Wireless Cameras

Adding cameras to your home not only add security and ability to record while away, but also peace of mind and the ability to monitor your home from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Ring or Smart Camera Doorbell

These devices show you who is at your door from any connected device. Know when packages are delivered for added convenience.  Greet guests if you can't make it to the door.  Add smart door locks for even greater convenience to your guests!

Home Theater Upgrades

Are you into big screens and heart pounding sound for your sports or movies?   Home theater companies can crush you with expensive and unnecessary upgrades. We can find the cheapest and best solution to get your home theater TV experience done cost effective and super impressive at the same time.  Save time and money by using us to get you the best solution possible for your budget.

Appliance and TV Smart integration

Appliances and TVs are now so "smart" they can be controlled from anywhere with your connected device.  To be able to see what's in your fridge, to lamps and lighting, ovens on before you get home, washers and dryers, even pools and spas can all be added to your home network. Smart TV has so many amazing things they can provide for entertainment if you learn how to use them for all of their capabilities.  We can help with all these connections and bring you up to speed on how they all work together to enhance your life.

Wireless SimpliSafe Home Protection and Monitoring

Peace of mind is priceless. Connecting your home (even an apartment or condo) to a security system is a must to bring your home protection at your fingertips. Home monitoring has progressed so much in recent years that you can safely and easily upgrade your home with no long term contracts or hefty installation costs or necessary wired infrastructure. Protect your family and your most precious investment and the best part is you can take the system with you when you move if you prefer!

Wireless Surround Sound Stereo for indoor or outdoors

Who doesn't want great sound indoors and outdoors when your home? Upgrading your home with speakers that connect to your wireless internet brings satisfaction and listening to new heights. Control what rooms get sound and fill your home with soul. Whether indoors and listening or watching movies or sports with surround sound, or out by your pool or lanai... adding sound to your spaces is now much more simple and satisfying than ever before!

Flatscreen TV Wall Mounting

Something so simple as wanting a TV mounted on a wall becomes a daunting task to the average homeowner. We can take that task an make it as easy as jumping on the sofa to enjoy a good movie. Let us take care of the placement and mounting of your TV and leave the worries and heavy lifting behind...

Smart Door Locking Systems

Home integration wouldn't be complete without upgrading your door lock to a smart connected device. Being able to allow guests in to your home, children in from school with fingerprint or a code, or simply making sure the home is locked up at night from your voice or phone is priceless. Added to a security system you can make your home as safe and connected as you like, and we recommend it!

Smart Safes and Storage

Storage of valuables and weapons not only gives you peace of mind, but protects loved ones at the same time. Adding a smart safe is a simple upgrade to a home that can be stored almost anywhere and easy to access with your fingerprint or smart device. An excellent upgrade to any home for peace and security.

Wireless Home Upgrades and WiFi Extenders

Some homes are so large they need WiFi extenders that speed up internet and reliability throughout the home or to a large lanai or backyard. Upgrading your homes wireless system will save you time and money, less time downloading and better video or gaming is a must when making sure your home is operating at its peak performance.

Upgrade Lighting Concepts and Smart Home Lighting

Changing light bulbs from brightness and color has evolved to new levels, and efficiency.  LED bulbs not only save you money, but add amazing elements of color and lighting schemes to your home. Dimming, turning on or off, scheduling times for lighting, and making the home appear occupied for added security are all benefits to updating your lighting. Lights can be connected to your home wireless for remote access to enhance your homes appearance and security. So many options are available, you need to know what is now an option to upgrade your home.

Smart Light Switches

Upgrade your light switches to smart devices that are connected to your home wireless system.  Dimming and lighting control has new functionality that didn't exist when your home was built. It's time to update your home's lighting to the system you deserve.

Smart Window Coverings Installation and Integration

Upgrading your home's window coverings and blinds not only adds design upgrades but with connection to your home network, they can be opened/closed and scheduled for your preference.  Closing blinds during hot summer days will help keep your home cooler and the cost savings will benefit your utility bills for years to come.  Schedule them to open in the morning to wake; you and get your day started, while they can shut in the evening.  Control these new window coverings from the sound of your voice or while you are away on vacation.  So many options to upgrade the look and function that smart technology allows is an amazing upgrade!

Smart Power Outlet Plug Upgrades

Upgrading your wall power plugs with devices attached to your home wireless network allows you to turn on components with your voice or phone.  Being able to turn on or off an antique lamp, stereo component, or even a heater on cold days can add functionality to your home and peace of mind at being able to remotely control anything connected to these upgrades.

Smart Garage Door and Gate Integration

Garage doors are now able to be added to your wireless home system. Alerts can be sent to your phone if you forget to close the garage in a hurry or rush to get to an appointment or work. Let guests or the cleaning crew in from your smart device by upgrading your garage door to a connected device.  Gates can also be added to your home network, and allow guests to enter the property from your voice or phone!

Instruction and Aid With Setup of Smart Devices and Learning Their Capabilities

So many technology upgrades come with a level of uncertainty and seem intimidating to the average user. This anxiety causes many people to stay away of these upgrades.  We can help you become well acquainted with your devices and smart home upgrades and would be available to support you if you need instructions or assistance after installation.  Adding Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chrome, Alexa or Google Assistant are very common and amazing upgrades to your home. Syncing these devices with your home and phone are essential and you should have a professional help get everything installed properly and working efficiently.  We will provide the necessary instruction and assist you becoming comfortable with these system updates to enhance your life.

Computer Maintenance and Repairs

Your computer may require some upgrades and repairs from time to time to keep them operating at peak performance. We can assist you with diagnosing issues and making sure you computer is not only properly protected from viruses and malware, but also upgrading components if necessary. Let us know what we can do to help keep your computers operating at peak performance.



We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With Sarasota Smart Homes, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

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