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Samsung Picture Frame TVs and Google Nest Mesh

I had the pleasure of working on Bird Key today, in a beautiful remodel. The Samsung TVs are gorgeous picture frame TVs and installation went smooth. I was able to hide the Samsung Connect for the living room in the guest room closet and the other below a dresser after punching through the walls.

The final results are stunning and this happy couple will get to enjoy these for years to come and really compliment the space.

The other issue, with the home being a large ranch style, was getting wifi signals strong enough to cover the entire home. Simple wifi extenders weren't solving the issue so I suggested we upgrade the home with Google Nest Mesh router and point system. For a little over $300 and a installation, they now have wifi at speeds of almost 200 Mbs througout the home and even down to the water!

Enjoyed this project and look forward to upgrading their thermostat and other systems soon as well.

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