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All About Sarasota Smart Homes

Veteran Owned and Operated, Sarasota Smart Homes specializes in home integration and smart system upgrades to homes and commercial spaces.  We install hardware and connect you with your home or office remotely. We know how critical it is to provide you the most possible benefit out of every dollar of your budget and will strive to do that for you.  I served the nation as an Air Force communications enlisted member and officer. I spent 11 years in the networking and telecommunications field with a specialty in networking hardware, software, sound and media.

My passion is now in home automation for sound, lighting, security, and video.  For decades now, I have installed most of the latest and greatest technology and home innovations. Learning how these systems work and what benefits they offer our lives is vital to implementing a plan that works for each homeowner.

​Each aspect of a home has the potential for improvement through technology.  I enjoy the planning process of improving your home and figuring what features are most important to your lifestyle. Each upgrade is carefully thought out and all done with saving money in mind.  Doing the most that I can with your budget is always my goal.  Trust you will get great service during the install, and support after completion, to make sure you can enjoy all of your home's upgrades for years to come.

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