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Wall Mount TV and Surround Sound

Today I arrived at the clients home in Englewood FL and met her 2 happy pups at the door. She showed me her TV and the stand it was on and where she wanted her TV placed so that she could see it from bed and free the room of clutter. I removed the 42" TV from the stand and then hung it on a swiveling mount that would allow her to position it best for viewing. I also hid the wiring in conduit to streamline the view of the TV and wall below.

The next project was her living room surround sound that wasn't working properly. I proceeded to diagnose the issues with the speakers and get everything wired up properly and then synced it with her Xfinity remote and the TV.

She was very pleased with both tasks and will be enjoying the work for years to come.

Thanks for having me in your home, it was a pleasure working on these projects!

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